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"My husband and I are patients of Advanced Dental Group. We feel we get very professional service and the best care for our teeth. We personally love the fact that you are located so close to our home and the convenience of making appointments. The post card that you sent us over three years ago for a free dental check and cleaning was a very valued tool in creating awareness about your Dental office. There isn’t too much one can get free today but once we made those appointments and walked through the door at Advance Dental it was a very good experience. I would also like to thank Dr. Taylor for performing my root canal which was truly painless which needed to be done."
~ Gaye, Minneapolis

"For nearly 30 years Dr. Hellickson and his team have cared for my dental needs with the utmost concern and professionalism. Dr. Hellickson and The Advanced Dental Group combine decades of dental expertise and experience with state-of-the-art technology and deliver it in a friendly and comfortable environment."
~ Rebecca Taylor

"Dr. Helickson cured 20 years worth of phobia about dentistry. Without Buzz’s expert eye and talented hands, not to mention an incredible supporting staff. I would still be suffering today."
~ Joseph Tennyson

"I moved three hours away, but I insist on making the special trip to Dr. Hellickson every 6 months. He and his staff are the best! "
~ Bradi Yaggie

"As a patient for 25 years, and now a staff member, I am very proud to be part of such ad elite group of individuals that love what they do."
~ Kari Lance

"I've been a patient at ADG for ten years. My four-year old son just started learning about dental care, and now he’s patient there as well. The staff is so attentive, friendly, and helpful they make it a positive experience for all of us."
~ Jennifer Risdall

"Dear Dr. Hellickson and Staff: I have been coming to you for 18 years. Starting out at your office on Johnson Street I was working at Hub Manufacturing and we would have lunch at Byerly’s. That’s where I first met Dr. Hellickson, not knowing shortly after out first meeting I would need a Root Canal and need to call him. I have been a patient since. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on coming back. You’re a great dentist and you have a great staff. Thank you!"
~ Donna Schei

"Dear Dr. Hellickson: I first went to Dr. Hellickson in July 1999 after being recommended by my regular dentist in Hopkins. My big front tooth sustained an injury while I was in high school PhyEd (40 years ago) which resulted in a hairline crack. Several years later that front tooth abscessed and needed a Root Canal; (sometime in the 1980’s). Then in 1999 it fractured in half while eating popcorn and I got a crown, which only held for a couple of months because there was not enough of my natural tooth left to hold a crown. My dentist at that time (Dr. Robert Farrish) then recommended that I see Dr. Hellickson for an implant since he (Dr. Hellickson) was considered to be the pioneer of implant dentistry and one of the best in his field. I was very concerned and worried since this was my front tooth and I had a crown that would barely hold on. Dr. Hellickson explained the whole procedure to me and we went ahead with the implant. The implant and the wonderful job he did completely restored my confidence and my smile once again. He was very particular and very detailed to make sure the implant was as close to perfection as it could be. He made sure everything was the way I wanted it and that I was happy with the procedure from the beginning to end. He wasn’t happy if I wasn’t happy!! Once again thanks Dr. Hellickson for the excellent work you did on my implant. I highly recommend you to anyone needing your services. Sincerely,"
~ Jeanne Breska

"I have been a long time patient of Dr. Hellickson and his assistant. I absolutely love them and won’t ever see another dentist, he’s my guy!"
~ Shirley Hughes

"My experience at the Advanced Dental Group was great! It was easy, just like a regular dental visit. I was amazed at how quick it went."
~ Ann Valenty

"We’ve had many years of good service and would endorse without hesitation."
~ June Cavert

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